How To Pick The Right Summer School?

There are three main considerations that I encourage parents to bear in mind when choosing which summer school to send their child to.

  1. Goals: What do you and your child hope will be gained by your child attending summer school? Often, a smart summer school choice can help a student begin, or continue, to build a convincing narrative about themselves to tell to future prospective universities.

    For example, a student that is passionate about computer science and aims to study this subject at university would do well to spend part of their summer doing a computer science summer school. Not only will that student learn valuable material to prepare them for university, they will also be demonstrating how committed they are to studying computer science. After all, not all students choose to spend part of their holidays studying.

  2. Facilities: Some summer schools have a strong emphasis on academic work, at the expense of other activities such as sports and cultural visits. For example, a number of younger students used to spending their summers at summer camps that revolve around outdoor activities can find the transition to a classroom-based summer school quite intense.

    Having said this, some summer schools do offer a mix of academic and extra-curricular pursuits, therefore it is worth checking what facilities a summer school has: do they have access to a swimming pool? Tennis courts? Football fields? All of these can make a difference to a student’s enjoyment of their summer.

  3. Language: If a student is not a native English speaker, then a summer school in either the U.S. or U.K. presents a valuable opportunity for students to improve their English. However, this opportunity will not be so valuable if a student is surrounded by other students from his or her home country.

    Therefore, when researching a summer school, it is worth confirming with that school how many other students speaking the same mother tongue will be there. Picking a school with a low number of same mother tongue speakers of your child will ensure that your child’s time at summer school is best spent.


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