S.O.F.S.S. – Self-Optimization For Study Success Program

Exam preparation is as much about working through the right material with the right teacher as it is about health, well-being and fitness.

For example, the only exam I ever scored 100% on was the one that I ran before (my I.B. Standard Level English exam).

I attribute my 42 points in the I.B., as well as my ability to juggle a Master’s Degree with running College Connections to:
-Healthy eating
-Good sleep

I have spent a great deal of time keeping track of developments in these fields, as I feel that my studies and work have benefitted so much from each of these practices. I am not alone – there is countless evidence available about the benefits of these four practices to student performance.

It also doesn’t mean becoming a Buddhist monk or a marathon runner either! As little as 20 minutes running three times a week, combined with five minutes of daily meditation, can make a world of a difference to students.

In order to help my students prepare for their exams, I have compiled my tips and synthesized them into a .PDF (Below).

Click & Download S.O.F.S.S. .PDF

This resource is the basis for a 12 week program that I will be running with students that are interested in optimizing their academic results.

Community and accountability are two other important factors that help determine success, so not only have I put together this .PDF, I have also created a study journal on Google Sheets for students to log their progress:

Click for Access to Program Journal

Finally, because I believe in life-long learning, I will also be taking part in the program along side other students, as I work to complete a computer science course on Coursera.

Please do share this with however you think might benefit from taking part in this program.

There is no cost for taking part in this program.

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